windshield replacements

Factory- Replacement Glass for your vehicle, delivered and installed at your location. Most jobs take about an hour


side & Back glass

If your vehicle needs glass besides windshields, we do that also.

Accidents Happen!

Accidents Happen!



We can fix that window that no longer goes up and down, and slow motors.

We also replace Switches that control your windows.  Sometimes the motor takes the switch with it, when it goes bad.

Same-Day Service on most vehicles.

Side Mirrors & Rear-View Mirrors

We can replace just the glass portion or the entire assembly depending on your situation.

Convex Passenger Side Mirrors can help with blind spots




Removal of glass that is currently leaking.

In most cases we can install a Brand New Safe Windshield   and grind off any rust down to bare metal and re-prime the whole pinch-weld while the window is out.  When it's all said and done, the leaks are gone you know that your vehicle is safe again.

In mostcases we can remove your glass and reinstall without needing new glass on side & back windows.

Windows off track

We see this all the time.  99% of the time the window comes off track for a reason.  We can replace the worn out parts and make your windows roll up and down like new.

Defroster tabs reattached to heater grids

Kids, dogs, and just plain life can cause a defroster wire to come off the back window of your vehicle, making the rear defogger not work.  We can fix this issue and make the defroster work again..


Removal of Tempered glass from vehicles

If you have a parts car with glass that needs pulled or you have located at window at a Pick N Pull in the Portland Metro Area we can go directly to the yard and pull the glass for you and then bring it to you and install it.