Windshield Replacements

1 hour Safe-Drive Time


We proudly sell only New Windshields sourced locally from Automotive Glass suppliers in the Portland Area. 

vandalism replacements

Same Day Emergency Service

Portland Oregon has an abundance of smash & grab break-in situations due to the high level of homeless population hoping to hit the jackpot,, in most cases just breaking your window and stealing your dirty gym clothes. Bulldog Auto Glass can vacuum all the sharpbroken pieces of glass and make the whole ordeal easier for you by coming directly to the damaged vehicle.

Power window motors Window regulators

Do you have a window that won't go up or down?

Bulldog Auto Glass can make that window operate just like new.  In most cases we can replace your motor/regulator for under $200 with a Life-time Warranty on parts & labor.

Toyota Prius Vandalism passenger front.

We also sell and install Side Mirrors.